Prym Love Pink!

The items in this post were given to me by Prym Consumer apart from the Magnetic Arm Pin Cushion which I purchased with my own money.

I first locked my eyes on this new colour collection from Prym Consumer whilst I was at the H+H Cologne back in March and fell in love straight away! A few of these tools already exist in other colour ways but some are brand new and very exciting indeed!

Im starting off with the one I am most excited about and brand new! This Magnetic Arm Pin Cushion! It has a slap snap closure made from silicone so will fit any sized wrist. It has a decent sized stainless steel magnetic plate measuring 4cm x 5.5cm so you can get a good few pins on there. Its a great one to have whilst your at the your machine taking your pins out of your work as you go, I don’t know about you but I am forever leaving my pin cushion on the floor, on the cutting table, by the iron, basically anywhere but next to my sewing machine and then I have nowhere to put my pins so this will come in super handy!

The next tool I am also very excited about is this little bird Needle Threader. You place the needle onto her beak so the metal beak goes through the eye of the needle, there is a little hook at the end of the beak for your thread to catch on, once that’s done, pull the needle off of the beak and wah – lah your needle is threaded! I love the design of this one, its so adorable, and so simple to use too, I’m starting to do a lot more hand sewing nowadays so its definitely a must have tool for me and I will get lots of use from it.

If your a fan of butterflies, Prym has you covered with these new Flat Head Pins, not only are these great for keeping your layers in check but they also make super cute photo props too! These come in a pack of 50 with 2 different designs and 3 colours.

Prym also do Binding clips, these are the larger sized ones and come in really handy when your working with really thick layers!

Another must have tool for me is a tape measure! I use a tape measure every day, I’m always measuring stuff to make sure this bit will fit that bit and I mean pink polka dot! can you get any cuter!?. This tape measure also comes in blue polka dot and both are available in either 150cm, 150cm/60″ or 300cm/120″.

Next up and continuing on with the polka dot theme is this marking pencil, this pencil is white, a good one to use with darker coloured fabrics, I use mine for marking quilting lines and this one disappears with water.

One of my all time favourite Prym tools are these Vario Pliers, I cannot rate these enough! They are great for bag making. They can be used with snaps which come in an array of colours and designs including hearts and stars, I also use these for eyelets and they can be used with eyelets upto 8mm in size. they are so easy to use, you don’t have to use much pressure to secure each piece to the fabric and they are so much better than using a hammer, a really great tool that I highly recommend! and now they come in Pink! Yay!

The final tool in this post is this corner and edge shaper, it’s not only another great one for bag making, but cushion making too, in fact anything that needs a corner poking out, there will be no more accidently piercing holes with your scissors and you can put those chop sticks back in the kitchen drawer, this handy little gadget will do the job for you.

So, if your a fan of anything pink (like me) then you will absolutely love this new collection. These tools are great quality anyway and having them in pink is just the icing on the cake!

If you are based in the UK, you can pick up a great selection of Prym tools from the following retailers:

And to see all the tools available, head over to the Prym Consumer website here.

Thankyou so much for reading guys!

Until next time

Happy Sewing! xx

Jo x

Island Batik April Challenge

The items used in this post were given to me by Island Batik and Accuquilt

Its Island Batik challenge time and April is “Accuquilt Ready. Set. Go! Challenge Baby Quilt”

The Brief:

  • baby quilt using Accuquilt dies
  • 40″ x 48″

For this challenge I wanted to use the FW18 Icicle collection I received in my box, I don’t often sew with a full collection, I normally just pull random fabrics from my stash that I think will go nicely together so it was a real treat to use these fabrics. As the main colour in this collection is blue, a boys baby quilt was a must make for me and I decided on a robot.

So, the main requirement for this challenge was to use the Accuquilt Go die cutting machine. My strips were already pre-cut to 2.5″ wide so I used the strip die to cut them into squares. I lay the strips across the width of the die making sure to align the straight edges, this was super easy to do as the die has clear marking on to cut a variety of shapes including 60 and 40 degree angles, I also used the 2.5″ square die to cut a few squares in custard and pistachio.

My quilt used a total of 480 squares and the Accuquilt Go made it so easy and quick to do!

Instead of adding the robots arms and legs into the pieced design, I decided to add those separately to make the quilt a little interactive. I cut strips of grey fabric 3″ wide for the arms and legs and used the 4″ die to cut the hands and feet using Pine Leaf – Chambray Icicle.

I added some applique to the face and used a blanket stitch to secure the pieces to the fabric, I used Hobbs Batting 80/20 and quilted straight lines in a cross hatch design using my walking foot.

I used Prym Consumer Love Colour snaps to attach the arms and legs to the quilt, so they can be removed should I decide to make extra sets to change the look of the quilt.

The finished size of my quilt is 39″ X 46″ It was super fun to make and i really enjoyed using the Accuquilt Go, it cuts squares in half the time and they are always perfect too!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Until next time….

Happy Sewing

Jo xx

Island Batik Ambassador February Challenge

Its the first Island Batik challenge of the year! And February’s challenge is Magnificent mini’s.

  • The brief:
  • Must be 24″ x 24″ or smaller
  • Any technique
  • Any Fabric

I knew I wanted to do foundation paper piecing for this project, as its my favourite technique, and having already gone through my box of fabrics (like 5 times!) I had the perfect combo in mind for my “oh Deer” pattern that was commissioned with Mollie Makes last year.

The fabrics I used: Pistachio and Lagoon from the basics range, Custard from the neutrals range and 2 of the 5″ strips from the stash builder rolls we received.

For the batting, I used Hobbs Thermore and basted the layers together with 505 temporary spray adhesive, and I have to give my gorgeous new pink cutting mat from Prym Consumer a mention because…well… its pink?! 😉

I pieced and quilted with Aurifil 50 weight 2024 and added some small details with Auriful Floss 6722.

and finally I added 2 hanging loops and a stick from the great outdoors to finish.

The size of my mini is 16″ x 17.5″, I used my 10″ x 11″ pattern templates and added 3″ borders to the sides and top, a 5″ border to the bottom and cut out triangles from each bottom corner to create the banner shape. Its been so fun to make and I absolutely love the texture that the batik fabrics have given to my finished quilt! I especially love Pistachio! it’s such a beautiful bright green with little hints of blue running through it.

Thankyou so much for reading guys! Next up is March’s challenge which I’ve already made a start on, and I cant wait to share it with you!

Happy Sewing!!

Jo xx